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Welcome to

Endless Possibiliteas,


Our mission here is to create an opportunity for others to better themselves. This mission was born as a purpose created within our Founder, Kianja J. This organization was designed to enhance the quality of life within the world, through the Black Community. We hope to build a communitea of like-minded individuals who share and expand our interests and goals.

Our Story

"From here on out, there are Infinite Possibilities." In, 2015 I got a tattoo to commemorate my Mental Health Journey and this was the tagline. I created Your Inner Lily (YIL) to help others through the transparency of my journey. YIL is an Instagram page and website of blog posts where I release personal thoughts, ideas and questions about Mental Health Illnesses and Wellness. While YIL helped others through my experiences, I needed to do more... and Endless Possibiliteas was born. ​


Tea is such a huge part of my everyday life and I wanted to share that with others. In trying to find alternatives to medication, I learned that for just about any symptom or ailment, there was healing in a cup of tea. Drinking a cup of tea in the morning when I woke up and at night before I went to sleep, proved to be both enjoyable and beneficial. There are so many different things that helped me to get to the level of healing that I am in. There are so many— "cups of tea", that help us find our way. 


Endless Possibiliteas is about finding tea in all of life’s rituals and routines. It’s about understanding yourself, using that knowledge to continue to grow and sharing it with others. Join our communitea to be apart of making our world— and the next one, a better place. Of course everyday brings new challenges but everyday also brings new, and oftentimes better, possibiliteas.


We are always looking for

new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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