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The 1st Annual
Wellness Weekend

This year, our 1st Annual Wellness Weekend will feature our Love Box Series program. Saturday will celebrate great conversation, fun, food and drinks. While Sunday will serve a calming reflection and continental breakfast. Tickets will be available from April 1st through April 14th.

The Weekend Agenda


12:30 pm Meditation

1:00 pm Love Box Making & Wine Tasting

6:00 pm Dinner Buffet

7:30 pm Karaoke & Game Night


7:00 am Meditation & Journaling

11:00 Continental Breakfast

What is a Love Box?

During the spring semester of my Freshman year at Morgan State University, I had (what I would refer to as) my first conscious mental speedbump. My mom decided to take off of work and come support me in my time of crisis. One of the ways she helped, was encouraging me to create a "Love Box". We went to A.C.Moore (R.I.P. to my favorite Craft Store) and got a plastic box, index cards, pens, and stickers for decorating. In this space of crisis, there wasn't much that I could remember. Little tasks were extremely hard and positive thinking was even harder. 

My mom wanted to leave a tool to help when she was back home in Jersey. We wrote down: Scriptures to Read, Things to Say, Places to Go, People to Call, and Things to Do, when I was in crisis. I decided to call it my Love Box because it reminded me of how much love was keeping me safe in my darkest moments. Since then I have evolved this idea into something I want to share with others. From that, this series was born.


This is a 3-part series that reciprocates love and encouragement. We will start by focusing on Self-Love and encouragement. The smallest box is about Personal Growth—Watering our Inner Lilies so they may grow and blossom. Then we will focus on career goals and objectives. The medium box is about Professional Development—Building the Confidence to soar through the glass ceilings of our dreams. Once we build our confidence and define our support, we will close out the first installment of this series focusing on our Purpose and our Footprint. The large box is about Generational Research—Facilitating community Support by creating opportuniteas for others to better themselves. 


Both Saturday & Sunday will start with a centering meditation.

wine tasting

Custom charcuterie boards will accompany 3 wine flights. 

Game night

Karaoke, Cards Against Humanity, Aux God RnB, Cards and more.

Our Collection

If you are attending, please fil out a short survey so that the menus can be selected. 

Register Here,

Can't Wait to See You All!

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